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Growing up, I would rummage through my parents' boxes of old photographs, high school yearbooks, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks... anything documenting their lives before me. I knew them as mom and dad, but I wanted to KNOW them. Some people wish they could go back in time to witness iconic historical moments, to watch a famous sold out show... but not me. I want to go back in time to see my dad play basketball, to go to a party on the beach with my mom, to see the rooms they grew up in. 

For me, it's always been about people, the invisible strings that brought them together, and documenting the story of a life to both share with loved ones and remind our future selves of all we have been. It's about more than a pretty picture. It's about a 5x7 time machine that can take you back to a moment captured, holding everything in an instant! 

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We've had Samantha take our photos multiple times over the years. She is the most professional, punctual, fun, kind, and down to earth photographer. My fiancé never looks forward to getting his picture taken, but looks forward to shoots with Samantha because he knows we will be laughing and able to fully be ourselves even with the camera in front of us. If you're not super used to being in front of the camera, don't worry, because Samantha guides you through with prompts for every step of the photoshoot. She also brought her Super8 camera and it was so fun getting to see that come to life. I love all of the different aspects of her business that she offers. LOVE HER!!!!!

-krysta & jordan